Introducing Our New, 1000mg Full Spectrum Tincture!

Make Sure You CBD Daily.

Pre-Filled Isolate Cartridges

We are proud to present our PRE-FILLED ISOLATE CBD Cartridge’s. This wonderfully light concoction of relief will unfold flavors that'll have you smiling from head to toe. Our PRE-FILLED ISOLATE CBD Cartridge’s does not contain any psychoactivity, so users can rest assured that they won't be mentally floating off into the atmosphere. 

Pre-Filled Full Spectrum Cartridge

Proud to offer our new, HIGH POTENCY, FULL-SPECTRUM hemp oil vaporizer cartridge! Contains NO THC.

1000mg Pure CBD Crystals

Our 99% pure CBD gives users an easy and light feel while remaining clearheaded and attentive. 

510 Thread Battery

Automatic battery, 280 mAh - 3.7V

510 Thread Battery + Charger
  • Stylus

    The rubber tip of the battery functions as a stylus for electronic touch screen devices.

  • LED Light Indicator

    An LED located at the bottom of the battery will glow red when you take a puff.

  • Low Battery Indicator

    The LED will flash 10 times when the battery is low. The battery will turn off after inhaling for 8 seconds. The power will resume automatically during the next puff.

  • Easy Charging Process

    The LED will glow red while charging. The USB charger LED will turn green when the battery is fully charged.

  • We use exclusive testing called chromatography to ensure products start with 99% pure CBD, the most potent on earth. We eliminate any unwanted impurities from the beginning.

  • We offer fast same day shipping to all 50 USA states and over 40 international countries around the world.

  • We produce the highest quality CBD extracts, THC-Free and approved by a Certificate of Analysis for trace-ability. The crystalline isolate we start with is 99.9% Pure!


We Value Our Customers

The company is amazing. I’m so happy I found them. Clear Natural CBD's customer service is amazing and they are very caring about their client's. I had a heart attack, a full spinal fusion and some anxiety problems. If it wasn’t for Clear Natural CBD I wouldn’t be better than I am now. God bless you all and keep up the great work. 

Love this product. It helps with anxiety and it helps tremendously with my panic attacks. Great customer service super informative and fast delivery!